13th April – Unaffiliated Dressage 13 April 19 Unaff Dr J

16th March – Unaffiliated Dressage 16 March 19 Unaff Dr website

15th March  – Affiliated Dressage15 Mar 19 Aff Dr – Results for BD

24th February – NSEA DR and EC: 24 Feb 19 NSEA Eventer Challenge and Dressage Results

23rd February – Combined Training: 23 FEB 19 Unaff Combined Training

2nd February – Quest Club: Quest Results 2 Feb 19

2nd February – Unaffiliated Dressage: 2 Feb 19 Unaff Dressage

20th January – NSEA SJ Q: NSEA SJ 20th Jan Results

19th January – NSEA Grassroots Regional Champs: NSEA Grass Roots Regionals 19th Results

5th January Quest Club: Quest Results 5th Jan 19

5th January Unaffiliated Dressage: 5th Jan 19 Unaff Dressage Results

4th January Affiliated Dressage: 4th Jan 19 Aff Dressage Results


28th December Combined Training and Unaff Dressage: 28 Dec 18 Unaff Combined Training Results

1st December Quest Club: Quest Results 1 Dec 2018

1st December Unaffiliated Dressage: 1 Dec 18 Unaff Dressage Results

30th November Affiliated Dressage: 30 Nov 18 Aff Dressage Results

10th November Unaffiliated Dressage: 10 Nov 18 Unaff Dressage Results

9th November Affiliated Dressage: 9 Nov 18 Aff Dressage Results

25th October Unaffiliated Combined Training and Dressage: 25 Oct 18 Unaff Combined Training Results

23rd October Eventers Challenge: Results 23 Oct 2018

13th October Unaffiliated Dressage: 13 Oct 18 Unaff Dr Results

12th October Affiliated Dressage: 12 Oct 18 Aff Dr Results

29th September Combined Training and Unaff Dressage: 29 Sept 18-Unaff Combined Training and Unaff Dressage Results

8th September NSEA: NSEA Dressage & Show Jumping 8 Sep 18 – Results

7th September Affiliated Dressage: 7th Sept Affiliated Dressage

4th September Unaffiliated Dressage: 4 Sept 18 Unaff Dr Results

24th August Combined Training: 24th August 18 Unaff Combined Training Results

3-5th August BD Youth Home International: Master BD Youth Home International Results

27th July Combined Training: 27th July 18 Unaff Combined Training

14th July Unaffiliated Dressage: 14 July 18 Unaff Dr Results

14th July Quest Club: Quest Results 14 July 2018

13th July Affiliated Dressage: 13 July 18 Aff Dr Results

24th June Annual Show: Annual Show Results 24th June 18

23rd June Combined Training and Dressage: 23 June 18 Unaff Combined Training results

16th June Quest Club: Quest Results 16 June 2018

Unaffiliated Dressage Championships 16th June: 16 June 18 Unaff Champs

15th June Affiliated Dressage: 15 June 18 Aff Dr Results

Petplan Area Festival 2 & 3rd June:Area-Festival-2-3-June-18

Area Festival Warm Up and Music Classes 2 & 3rd June: 02 – 03 June 18 AF warm up and music

19th May Quest Club: Quest Results 19 May 2018

19th May Unaffiliated Dressage: 19 May18 Unaff Dressage Results

18th May Affiliated Dressage: 18 May 18 Aff Dressage

28th April Unaffiliated Dressage: 28 April 18 Unaff Dr Results

28th April Quest Club: Quest Results 28 April 2018

27th April Affiliated Dressage:27 Apr 18 Affiliated Results

08th April Unaffiliated Dressage: 8 April 18 Unaff Dressage Results

08th April Quest Club: Quest Results 8 April 2018

07th April Affiliated Dressage: 7 Apr 18 Affiliated Dressage

30th March Combined Training: 30 Mar Unaff Combined Training Results

17th March Quest Club: Quest Results 17 March 2018

17th March Unaffiliated Dressage: 17 March 18 Unaff Dressage

16th March Affiliated Dressage: 16 March 18 Aff Dr Results

25 February NSEA Dressage and Eventers Challenge: 25 Feb 18 NSEA results Eventer Challenge for Website

24 February Unaffiliated Dressage: 24 Feb Unaff Dressage Results

24 February Unaffiliated Combined Training: 24 Feb Unaff Combined Training Results

24 February Affiliated Combined Training: 24 Feb 18 Affiliated CT Results

03 February Quest Club: Quest Results 3 Feb 2018

03 February Unaffiliated: 3 Feb 18 Unaff Dr Results

02 February Affiliated: 02 Feb 18 Aff Dr Results

06 January Quest Club: Quest Results 6 Jan 2018

06 January Unaffiliated Dressage: 6 Jan 18 Unaff Dressage Results

05 January Affiliated Dressage: 05 Jan 18 Aff Dr Results

2018/2019 – Accumulator Tables

Combined Training: Combined Training Series Accumilater 18

Dressage Championships:Dressage Champs Qualifiers 2018 to 2019

Show Jumping: Winter League SJ Accumilater 18-19

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