3rd December Affiliated Dressage: 3 Dec 2021 Affiliated results to BD -final

28th November NSEA Grassroots SJ: 28 Nov 21 NSEA GR -full results for website

21st November Affiliated BD Combined Training: 21 Nov 21 Affiliated CT -results to BD

24th October NSEA Grassroots SJ: 24 Oct NSEA GR – Results for Web

15th October Affiliated Dressage: 15 Oct 2021 Affiliated results to BD and web final

11th September Unaffiliated Dressage: 11 Sep 2021 -Unaff Dr results for web – final

28th August Unaffiliated Dressage: 28 August 2021 -Unaff Dr results for web-final

10th & 11th July Petplan Summer Area Festival : RESULTS Moreton Summer Area Festival for web

9th July Affiliated Dressage: 9 Jul 2021 Affiliated results to BD – v1

8th July Unaffiliated Dressage: 8 July 2021 -Unaff Dr results for web-Final

8th July Quest: Quest Results 8 Jul 21 to BD and web

27th June NSEA GR Q : Moreton EC NSEA GR SJ 27 June 21- results for web

5th June Quest: Quest Results 5 June 21 Results to BD

4th June Affiliated Dressage; 4 Jun 2021 Affiliated results for website

14th May Unaffiliated Dressage. 14 May 2021 -Unaff Dr results for web-final

14th May Quest. Quest Results 14 May 21 – final to BD

14th May Affiliated Dressage. 14 May 2021 Affiliated results to BD -final

25th April Unaffiliated Show Jumping. 25 Apr 21 Unaff results for web

25th April NSEA Grassroots SJ. Moreton EC NSEA GR 25 Apr 21 results for web

24th April Unaffiliated Dressage. 24 April 2021 -Unaff Dr results for web-final

24th April Quest. Quest Results 24 Apr 21 – final to BD

23rd April Affiliated Dressage. 23 April 2021 Affiliated results to BD – final

10th April Unaffiliated Combined Training/Dressage. Sat 10 Apr 21 – Unaff CT Dr scores – for web

2nd April Unaffiliated Dressage. 2 April 2021 Unaff DR Web results

2nd April Quest. Quest Results 2 Apr 21


17th December Affiliated Dressage. 17 DECEMBER 2020 Aff Dressage Results to BD -V1

13th December Unaffiliated Show Jumping 13 Dec 20 Unaff results for web final

13th December NSEA Windsor Q. 13 Dec 20 Windsor Q Results for Web

13th December NSEA Grassroots qualifier. 13 Dec 20 GR results for Web

5th December Unaffiliated Dressage. 5 Dec 2020-Unaff Dr results for web

4th December Affiliated Dressage. 4 DECEMBER 2020 Aff Dressage Results to BD -V1

25th October Unaffiliated Showjumping. 25 Oct 2020 Unaff SJ – results for web

25th October NSEA Grassroots SJ. Moreton EC NSEA GR SJ results 25 Oct 2020 -for web

10th October Unaffiliated Dressage. 10 Oct 2020-Unaff Dr results for web

26th September Unaffiliated Dressage. 26 Sep 2020-Unaff Dr – final

25th September Affiliated Dressage. 25 SEPTEMBER 2020 Aff Dressage Results to BD -final

13th September NSEA Dr/SJ/CT. 13-09-20 NSEA results for WEB

12th September Unaff Dressage Champs 12 SEP 20 Unaff Champs -results for web

12th September Quest Quest Results 12 Sep 2020

29th August Unaffiliated Dressage 29 Aug 2020-Unaff Dr – web

29th August Quest Quest Results 29 Aug 2020

28th August Affiliated Dressage 28 AUGUST 2020 Aff Dressage Results to BD -V5

15th August Unaffiliated Dressage 15 August 2020-Unaff Dr results for web

15th August Unaffiliated Combined Training/Dressage Sat 15 Aug 20 – Unaff CT & Dr results for web

30th July Unaffiliated Dressage 30 July 2020-Unaff Dr Results for Web

26th July Unaffiliated Showjumping. 26 July 2020 Unaff SJ – results for web

25th July NSEA County SJ Ch Moreton NSEA County SJ 25 Jul 20 – results for Web

25th July NSEA Grassroots Regional NSEA GR 25 Jul 20 Website results

23rd July Unaffiliated Combined Training/Dressage Thu 23 Jul 20 – Unaff CT & Dr – results for website

11th July 2020 Quest Quest Results 11 July 2020

11th July 2020 Unaffiliated Dressage 11 July 2020-Unaff Dr Results for Web

10th July 2020 Affiliated Dressage 10 July 2020 Aff Dressage Results to BD

1st February 2020 Quest. Quest Results 1 Feb 2020

31st January 2020 Affiliated Dressage.31 Jan 2020 Aff Dressage – Results to BD

4th January Quest. Quest Results 4 Jan 20

3rd January 2020 Affiliated Dressage. 3 Jan 20 Aff Dressage – results


28th December Unaffiliated Combined Training/Dressage Sat 28 Dec 19 – Unaff CT & Dr – results for website

28th December BD Affiliated Combined Training Moreton BD CT results 28 Dec 19

15th December NSEA GR SJ Moreton EC NSEA GR SJ 15 Dec 19 results for website

7th December Quest Quest Results 7 Dec 19 – v1

6th December Affiliated Dressage 6 Dec 2019 Aff Dressage – Results

30th November NSEA Eventers Challenge Ev Ch 30 Nov 19 -Results for website

9th November Unaffiliated Dressage 9th Nov 19 – unaff results for website

8th November Affiliated Dressage 8 Nov 2019 Aff Dressage Results to BD

19th October Unaffiliated Combined Training/Dressage Sat 19 Oct 19 Unaff CT & Dr -Results for website

12th October Unaffiliated Dressage 12 October 19 -unaff Dr Results for website

11th October Affiliated Dressage 11 Oct 2019 Aff Dressage – Results to BD

5th October NSEA Dressage & Showjumping. 5 Oct Dr & SJ Results

28th September Unaffiliated Combined Training/Dressage Sat 28 Sep 19 Unaff Combined Training – Website

31st August Unaffiliated Dressage 31 August 19 Unaff Dr-v1

31st August Quest Club Quest Results 31 Aug 19 – v1

30th August Affiliated Dressage 30 Aug 2019 Aff Dressage – results

13th July Quest Club Quest Results 13 July 19 -v2

13th July Unaffiliated Dressage 13 July 19 Unaff Dr-v1

15th & 16th June AREA FESTIVAL classes Moreton AF June 19 – Results&Website

15th & 16th June Area Festival warm up and music classes 15-16 June 19 AF warm up and music RESULTS& Website

18th May Combined Training Sat 18 May 19 Unaff Combined Training – Website

27th April Unaffiliated Dressage 27 April 19 Unaff Dr

26th April Affiliated Dressage 26 Apr 2019 Aff Dressage – Results to BD

20th April Combined Training 20 Apr 19 Unaff Combined Training

13th April – Unaffiliated Dressage 13 April 19 Unaff Dr J

12th April – Affiliated Dressage 12 Apr 19 Aff Dr – Results

16th March – Unaffiliated Dressage 16 March 19 Unaff Dr website

15th March  – Affiliated Dressage15 Mar 19 Aff Dr – Results for BD

24th February – NSEA DR and EC: 24 Feb 19 NSEA Eventer Challenge and Dressage Results

23rd February – Combined Training: 23 FEB 19 Unaff Combined Training

2nd February – Quest Club: Quest Results 2 Feb 19

2nd February – Unaffiliated Dressage: 2 Feb 19 Unaff Dressage

20th January – NSEA SJ Q: NSEA SJ 20th Jan Results

19th January – NSEA Grassroots Regional Champs: NSEA Grass Roots Regionals 19th Results

5th January Quest Club: Quest Results 5th Jan 19

5th January Unaffiliated Dressage: 5th Jan 19 Unaff Dressage Results

4th January Affiliated Dressage: 4th Jan 19 Aff Dressage Results

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