1.Conditions of Entry

Moreton EC Conditions of Entry Terms. Please read the Conditions of entry prior to entering our events, these will be updated throughout the season.

2. Finding Us & Parking

Address: Moreton Equestrian Centre, Moreton, Dorset
Best Post Code: iDT2 8RG
What Three Words; gathering.tiling.extremley

On arrival follow the parking signs towards the parking area.

Site Maps:

3. Arena Hire Prices

ARENA HIRE (as of 1st May 2020) for website May & Jun

4. Vaccinations


Please ensure we have your current vaccination on record.  If not please email in the front cover plus vaccination pages from initial two injections.  Please also email over the name of your accompanying person (if any) to the event. Please provide your own bridle/numnah numbers ( a back number is sufficient for the unaffiliated only).

Vaccination requirements for all events as from 1st October 2020 as follows:

Affiliated Dressage and BD clinics-  most recent booster injection must have been given within six calendar months +21 days prior to the horse competing.

Unaffiliated Dressage/Unaffiliated Combined training including any clear round showjumping held on those days: most recent booster injection must have been given within six calendar months +21 days prior to the horse competing.

Events run under BE rules from 1st November 2020: most recent booster injection must have been given within six calendar months +21 days prior to the horse competing

Unaffiliated Showjumping/Instruction clinics/NSEA and arena hire:  most recent booster injection must have been given within a year prior to the horse competing

For all other events run by Pony Club/Riding club or another member body please refer to the member body rules.  

In addition please refer to the excerpt at the bottom of the page which has been in place since December 2019.  Any queries please contact the office.

Please bring your passport for vaccination checking when you arrive on site.   From 1 Dec 19 all events run under BD rules will be following British Dressage rules, an excerpt of which can be found below.  Please check which rules the event you have entered for is running under and if you have any queries please email the office –

Vaccination Rules from British Dressage Handbook wef 1 December 2019:

Equine Influenza Vaccination

To protect the health of the other competing horses and the biosecurity of the venue, a valid passport must accompany the horse to all competitions and be produced on request. Failure to comply is a disciplinary offence and will debar the horse from competing at the event for which it has been entered. A horse will not be permitted to compete unless it has a current vaccination against equine influenza which complies with the following conditions:
• An initial course of two injections for primary vaccination, not less than 21 days and not more than 92 days apart, are required before being eligible to compete.
• A first booster injection must be given between 150 and 215 days after the second injection of primary vaccination.
• Subsequent booster injections must be given at regular intervals of not more than 12 months, commencing after the first booster injection.
• The most recent booster injection must have been given within six calendar months +21 days prior to the horse competing.
• The full course or booster must have been administered at least seven days before arriving at the competition.
The vaccination record(s) in the horse’s passport, must be completed, signed and stamped line by line, by an appropriate veterinary surgeon (who is neither the owner nor the rider of the horse). For those competing under FEI rules, please refer to FEI rules. The responsibility to comply with this rule lies with the competitor, who should consult with their veterinarian.

Please keep up to date with the current guidelines found on and – Horses – Horse Health and Biosecurity.

5. Unaffiliated & Quest

At present we have to run the Unaffiliated and Quest as two separate shows so Unaffiliated will take place first and Quest will follow.  Under current guidelines we will not be providing paper numbers to competitors.  For unaffiliated competitors only we will accept a home made back number similar to those we provide until we are permitted to issue them again.


Please refer to our Standard Operating Procedures which will be updated regularly SOPs for Covid V3 26 Jun 20 and the site maps below when attending Moreton under current Covid-19 restrictions.  Refer to the appropriate affiliated body for any additions to these rules. Please put in notes section any persons names who will be attending with the competitor so we can update our Contact Record Sheets. Be safe and bring your own PPE including hand sanitiser as we cannot guarantee that ours wont run out during the event.