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Moreton is situated in the heart of South Dorset, approximately 7 miles east of Dorchester. Our aim at Moreton Equestrian Centre is to provide a high-quality livery service and well-run friendly events.


BD Times Friday 5th July 2024 ( please note all new tests 2024): 5 July 24 BD Times for Web

Quest Times Saturday 6th July 2024: 6 Jul 24 Quest Club Times for Web

Unaff Dressage Times Saturday 6th July 2024 – please note new tests wef 1st July 2024: 6 Jul 2024 Unaff Dr Times for Web

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We will fall in line with current BD vaccination policy updates so our dressage & combined training competitions will require annual boosters until further notice. 

The current BD EI vaccination policy states that the most recent booster injection must have been given within a year prior to the horse competing.   The requirement for a 12-month booster will continue to remain in place and it is vitally important that this is maintained, otherwise horses will be required to restart their vaccination programme before they can compete in affiliated dressage competition.